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Why Should I Have a Pre-Shipment Inspection?

A pre-shipment inspection will ensure you have the correct information from our suppliers. The inspection also confirms your order meets the quality standards and has the correct shipment instructions before final payment. With the pre-shipment inspection, your SYLO representative can confirm all details of your shipment from the supplier before delivery.

When should I book my pre-shipment inspection?

While it’s possible to schedule a pre-shipment inspection one day before your shipment, SYLO recommends a minimum of three days in advance. Although SYLO has a large team of inspectors at busier manufacturing hubs, we sometimes cannot adjust inspection schedules one day prior. With at least a three-day notice, we usually have zero difficulties finding an available inspector. If there isn’t an inspector available on your requested date, a representative will find the earliest possible date.

Who will be the point of contact during my pre-shipment inspection?

Our head account manager will be your point of contact for all of your scheduled pre- shipment inspections. He/she will be available to assist you with any questions or concerns you have during the inspection process.

Should I send an approved sample of my shipment before the order?

We highly recommend customers send an approved sample to inform the factory of the specific details they should review. While SYLO doesn’t make approved samples mandatory, they help the engineer identify key product details to inspect. The factory can use your approved samples as a guide to answer questions during the inspection process.

How long before shipment should I schedule my inspection?

While SYLO doesn’t have a set deadline for inspections, we suggest earlier dates to correct potential imperfections. If the factory finds flaws with your shipment, we want them to have ample time to solve the issues. The more time the factory has to adjust your shipment, the easier it will be to remain on schedule.

Is someone available to discuss any special requirements of my pre-inspection criteria?

If you have specific criteria for your inspection, a SYLO representative can discuss them with you. At SYLO, we always want our customers to send their inspection criteria to include with our checklists. That ensures the factory knows what to review before each inspection. Although a SYLO representative is always available to discuss your inspection criteria, our online booking system lets you add specific requirements.

When will I receive my pre-shipment inspection results?

Your results will be digitally available within 24 hours after the inspection. A SYLO technical manager will review and sign the official report before its available. To ensure zero delays receiving your inspection results, SYLO may send you a draft report without photos. In that instance, you can review the basic findings and ask any questions while the technical manager finishes the official report.

Will a representative be available to answer any concerns regarding the inspection results?

A SYLO representative will clarify any questions or concerns you have about an inspection report. If you’re confused about factory remarks, your point of contact is available to sit down with you at any time. There is no time limit to ask questions about your SYLO inspection results.


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