What We Offer

Pre shipment inspection

Pre-shipment inspections are a vital tool to evaluate the quality level of your whole order. This requires the production of your order to be 100% complete and at least 80% of products packaged into their containers.

Once those figures are met, an inspector conducts a review of the chosen samples to ensure they meet proper specifications. Pre-shipment inspections are a final safeguard to find imperfections in your order and take corrective action before paying high import costs. SYLO uses the following criteria to evaluate all inspections: functionality, performance, durability, overall appearance, and dimension. SYLO has expert-level product evaluators that use detailed methods to ensure they meet the specified quality requirements.


Product Monitoring

For real-time analysis of your order, production monitors report daily about the progress of your order. A SYLO production inspector monitors the factory and searches for flaws that arise in the manufacturing process. This allows the inspector to make corrections to your order and eliminate imperfections before they amount to a bigger dilemma. SYLO provides you daily updates on the production of your order to ensure it meets your desired specifications.

During production Check

When your order is partially completed, a random during production check can detect issues in the manufacturing process. A SYLO inspector takes random samples of your completed products and tests them against your desired specifications. If errors are detected, the factory can adjust ensure the products meet your specifications.


Initial production Check

This early-stage production check ensures the factory comprehends your desired specification requirements. The preliminary inspection evaluates all machinery, resources, materials, and management before production begins. Our SYLO inspector performs this evaluation from the start of production until upwards of 20% is completed. That way flaws are detected from the onset and can be quickly amended during early-stage production.

Container loading Check

This is the final inspection of your shipment before it’s approved and sent to its destination. A SYLO inspector will ensure every detail of your order is correct and it’s properly loaded onto the container. The inspector will evaluate package quantity, product quality, and labelling before signing off on the order to be shipped. This final inspection helps prevent damage to your shipment in the loading process.


Factory Audit

A factory audit can detect problems with your supplier before processing your order. This allows you to view a supplier’s operating protocols and make an informed decision about your order. When SYLO performs a factory audit, the following items are strongly considered:
  • factory profile
  • production process
  • facilities, machinery
  • organization structure
  • production capacity
  • quality assurance
  • client specifications